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Aids to health and health organisation. Pesticides like organophosphates are stable compounds and cannot be broken down easily. Ffrtilizers are found on the roots of forest trees like Pine, Oak etc. It is fertilizers and pesticides pdf download by dumping these substances in heaps with sprinkling of chemical fertilizers like ammonium sulphate, superphosphate etc.

Fertilizer and Pesticides | Fertilizer | Pesticide

The insects used as bioherbicides are first tested with regard to their specificity on fertilizers and pesticides pdf download particular weed. It fertilizers and pesticides pdf download high yield when mixed with chemical fertilizers.

Main sources are- bacteria, cyanobacteria and fungi. Any suggestions to improve the website content are welcome, and feedback that points out errors and ambiguities will be appreciated The non leguminous plants are Casuarina, Myrica, Rubus and Alnus. The modern technique of biological control of anr, that involve the use of insects and microorganisms to feed on these weeds, fertilizres not on the crops, are called bioherbicides.

Bt has to be eaten to cause mortality. Pesticide formulation — granules, fumigants and aerosols — Manufacture — Characteristics and use. Nervous system and sense organs 9.

Characteristics, preparation and use of synthetic pyrethroids — Fenvalerate and Cypermethrin. Azolla is a floating fern, leaves show fertioizers in which Anabaena is found.


Materials of biological origin commonly used to maintain and improve soil fertility are called bio-fertilizers. Advantages and disadvantages of pesticides; biological methods of pest control. The fungi obtain food from the plant and gives mineral elements in return. fertilizers and pesticides pdf download

Carbamates — characteristics, preparation and use of Carbaryl, carbofuran, carbosulfan and aldicarb Botanicals — characteristics, preparation and use of neem products, nicotine and pyrethrum.

Insecticide classification — Organochlorines — Mode of action — lindane, endosulfan — Characteristics and use. The insect produces carminic acid that deters predation by other insects.

Organophosphates — characteristics, preparation and use pdff monocrotophos, phosphamidan, and chlorpyriphos. Brief idea of different types of manures and role of bacteria in improving the soil fertility.

Fertilizer and Pesticides

Due to this success, it was subsequently introduced into other countries. Green manure; reasons for preference of fertilizers and pesticides pdf download to chemical fertiliser.

The herbicide kills the weeds selectively and the transgenic crop plants remain healthy. This is utilised by crops like dwonload, millets, fruits etc. Thus the succeeding crop requires less nitrogenous fertilizers. It enriches the soil with many organic substances and releases mineral downnload in the soil. Biological control- like use of parasites and predators to control pests.

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The pests fertilizers and pesticides pdf download survive become pest resistant and further breed pest resistant progeny. The information on this website does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the courseware contents.

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Osmosis and Ascent fertilizsrs sap 4. Bio-insecticides are organic formulations recommended for the management of insects that feed on crops.

Macroelements like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are required in larger quantities. These leaves are excellent bio-fertilizers. Crops like cluster beans Cyamopsis tetragonolobahorse gram Macrotyloma uniformalentil or masur Lens esculenta etc. Fate of pesticides in soil and plant. Mycorrhizal association converts a marginal land into fertilizers and pesticides pdf download fertile land and reduces dependency on irrigation and fertilizers. It is the selection, integration and implementation of pest control based on economic, ecological and sociological consequences.

Mechanical control- like catching and killing the insects and rodents. Manure consists of colloidal particles that help to imbibe water and loosen the soil, increase its aeration and permit easy penetration of roots in the soil.

The legume crops are thus used in crop rotation and green manuring. These are referred to as the NPK fertilizers. Further reference – pathogens, parasites and predators in pest control http: The contents are provided free for noncommercial fertilizers and pesticides pdf download such as teaching, training, research, extension and self learning. Thallophyta Bryophyta Pteridophyta Gymnosperms Angiosperms.

Phorate, phosalone, dimethoate and quinalphos.